• Created Nov 2022

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Outland Chests V1

Outland Chests - great collection of NFT, made with love for great people.


  • 3q 2022

    • Mint 500 NFT every month
    • The end of the work with generation of the collection
    • The engaging partners and investors
    • Getting started on drawing and creating a collection of loot that was extracted from the chests
    • At the end of the every
    • Quarter mint 100 of the rare Outland Chests with special price
  • 4q 2022

    • The rising cost of the chests and continuation of the monthly mint on 500 NFT
    • The creation and active development of communities in social networks to attract holders
    • Multitasking — work in parallel with drawing and generating of the chest’s collection
  • 1Q 2023

    • Data collection of the sales
    • Analysis of the market
    • Launching an advertising campaign for development and
      growth of popularity around project «Outland Chests».
    • Mint the rest of the part of collection from 10,000 NFT.
    • Work on drawing and generating of the chest’s collection
  • 2q 2023

    • The end of the work on drawing and generating of the chest’s collection
    • The announcement of the reveal date of Outland Chests
  • 3q 2023

    • The automatic sending of the chests to all holders Outland Chests
    • The start of development online games
    • * – All terms are taken with a margin
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